Gulfport Council Torn On Whether Or Not To Accept MS Cottages

August first is when the City of Gulfport must begin removing FEMA trailers from privately owned land in the city.

One alternative to FEMA Trailers are Mississippi cottages. MEMA has already given its go ahead for some cottages in the city, but the Gulfport City Council has some concerns about the idea.

"We need to make some kind of decision as to whether or not we will continue to extend until we can make up our minds," says Ward 2 councilwoman Libby Roland.

Many council members are not thrilled with the idea of bringing in the cottages. Council member Barbara Nalley is worried too many of the cottages will end up in her ward.

City administrators are also concerned. They worry too many cottages will end up on property still in need of repair.

"You end up with a house that's below code and you're going to put a cottage in front of it, and that will end up being an unsightly situation and none of us want that in this city," says Dr. John R. Kelly, CAO for the City of Gulfport.

MEMA is randomly selecting where the cottages will go. That's another thing city leaders don't like. However, MEMA officials say that can't be changed.

Council members plan to meet with city administrators next Tuesday to try and come to an agreement. If the city decides they don't want the Mississippi cottages, they still must decide by the end of this month whether to extend the FEMA trailer permit.