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House Committee Approves College Board Restructuring Plan

The House Constitution Committee has approved a proposal to select College Board members from the three Mississippi Supreme Court districts.

The proposal, a constitutional amendment, must be approved by both houses and by voters.

The Senate proposal was to select College Board members from each of four new congressional districts, three from each district. Board members are now chosen from a combination of congressional and Supreme Court districts, a proposition dating back to 1944.

The House version would require governors to select four board members from each of Mississippi's three state Supreme Court districts.

"The Supreme Court districts are stable,'' said Rep. Charlie Capps, D-Cleveland. "The Supreme Court districts are in the Constitution and won't change.''

Congressional districts, based on population, are subject to change every 10 years to reflect population shifts. Mississippi is losing one of its five congressional seats because its population growth lagged behind that of other states.

The current process calls for governors to select seven members from Mississippi's congressional districts. Three others are chosen from Supreme Court districts and two are chosen from the state at large.

The House committee also decided to keep the length of board members' service at 12 years after the Senate reduced the time to eight years.

The resolution is Senate Concurrent Resolution 522.

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