Work On Dangerous Ocean Springs Intersection About To Begin

The Ocean Springs Hospital on the corner of Ocean Springs Road and Highway 90 is about the only good feature to this bad intersection.

"Because of the angle that Ocean Springs Road intersects Highway 90, there are a lot of accidents here," says Ocean Springs Hospital Administrator Kevin Holland.

"Yes, it has been ranked for a number of years in the top ten, every time you see one of these accidents reports from South Mississippi Planning and Development," says Jackson County Supervisor John McKay.

But McKay says after six years of study and planning, traffic flow at this chaotic convergence of five main roads is about to change.

"This intersection will disappear entirely," says McKay. "It will be straight east and west roads. We will have a perpendicular intersection at Gilford Road Right here, and then there will be a perpendicular intersection that will come in at the park entrance. And both intersections will be controlled by traffic lights."

That, says Hospital Administrator Kevin Holland, could mean the difference between life and death.

"Seconds count and it's very important that our ambulances are able to freely access the hospital."

And while McKay says the 18 month construction period will cause some inconveniences, they've taken great care not to cut off access to any of the nearby businesses.

"Because we don't want to hurt any business in the process."

Except maybe the business of working traffic accidents.

The city and county are holding a joint public hearing on the improvements Thursday night beginning at 6:30pm at the Ocean Springs Civic Center. The public is encouraged to come out for one last look at the plans and suggest any last minute changes.