Clermont Harbor Zoning Issue Headed To High Court

A controversial zoning issue in Hancock County is about to be heard before the state's highest court.

You may recall several Clermont Harbor residents, with the help of the watch dog organization Coastal Community Watch, sued the County Board of Supervisors. That suit came after the board decided to rezone more than 1,100 acres of land from Point-Set Street to Bayou Caddy as a Casino Resort District.

The C-4 zoning designation would allow unlimited height restriction and density for high rise condos and casino developments in the area.

"What we're looking for is something more in keeping with the character of this community, more in keeping with preserving the wetlands. In Louisiana, they are spending millions of dollars to restore their wetlands, because they realize how important it is for protection for future hurricanes storm surges. This here is at high risk," said Ellis Anderson, President of Coastal Community Watch.

The case heads before the State Supreme Court this Tuesday. A decision from the high court could come within three months to a year.