Pascagoula Pier Is Still A Work In Progress

"I'm catching clothes, shoes, shirts. If they'd build that pier back I might catch some fish," Kayon Mays said as he pulled a dirty jacket off his fishing line.

Fishing has taken on a whole new meaning for Mays since Katrina. That's because the pier he loved to fish from is broken and cracked.

"That's what made it so pretty, made Pascagoula so popular, because we had the pier and other things they could look at," Mays said.

The city council recently approved $840,000 to transform the wrecked pier into something more beautiful and sustainable.

"They have approved the plan. We will tear everything down, start over, put concrete, and attach wood decking to it," City Manager Kay Kell said.

Kell says they're also considering building at a lower height, which would save time and money.

"If you build it back just like it is, it's real easy to get FEMA approval, but sometimes we think it needs to be built back stronger and better. That slows us down, but it's worth it," Kell said.

That's fine by Mays. He just hopes to drop a line in from somewhere other than a seawall, so he can enjoy a bigger catch.

"More fish, more fishes. I love seafood. So maybe they can get that pier built back and we can do that," Mays said.

With a new pier on the horizon, Mays sees plenty of fish tales in his future.

Engineers will bring their recommendations to the next City Council meeting. The city hopes that by July 4, 2008, you'll be able to watch fireworks from a brand new pier.