D'Iberville Says It's Ready For The Next Storm

City Manager Richard Rose says D'Iberville's Tuesday Hurricane drill was a success.

"We're prepared for the storm, we're ready for the storm, we just hope we don't get one."

But what really worries Rose, are the findings of a Harvard study -- that says one in every three people will ignore future evacuation orders.

"That's just terrible. That puts their lives in danger, it puts the lives of public safety officials in danger, employees. That is not the right thing to do. They need to evacuate as soon as they possibly can."

D'Iberville Emergency Manager, Jay Williams, wants to make sure residents get that message.

"We're going to take the same steps that we do every year. We're going door to door, and knocking on every house in the city, and asking them to evacuate.  And if they don't, then we have steps that we take to getting their name and how many people are in the houses.

According to the Harvard survey, the people who say they will not evacuate say they won't leave because their homes are safe enough, or the roads would be too crowded, or even that it would be too dangerous to leave. D'Iberville city leaders disagree.

Williams says, "That's an excuse that I don't think is usable. If you go ahead and pre-plan your own evacuation, then you'll get out of here in time."

Emergency managers in D'Iberville realize that people will inevitably stay behind. They say it's those people who slow down the recovery process.

Rose says, "It makes it harder for the city to get out there and make the recovery much smoother and easier for the people if they stay, because then we're out trying to locate those people, make sure they're o.k., get them out of their homes, get the trees off their homes. They put their lives at risk, they put everyone's lives at risk, and it's not necessary.

D'Iberville City Manager Richard Rose says the city will hold another Hurricane drill in a couple of weeks to review some of the minor changes they made after Tuesday's exercise.