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Cold Weather Blows Into South Mississippi

Construction workers put on extra layers of warm clothing Wednesday morning. Their outdoor jobs are "all weather" positions. They try not to think much about the chilly temperatures.

"It's all right as long as you stay busy," Roy Dameron said.

The cold weather didn't keep everyone from their normal routine.  One brave soul went jogging on the lighthouse pier, despite the chilly weather.

The cold snap isn't bad enough to drive the snow birds indoors. We talked with a hardy group of golfers from Missouri who say the weather isn't all that bad, as long as you're dressed for it.

"The first three days we got sun burned, and today, we're going to get frost bitten," Missouri resident Dave Jeter said. "We're having a good time. If it wasn't for the wind, it wouldn't really be all that bad."

"We hadn't expected this at all. In fact, I had to go out and buy a suit of all-weather gear. Outside of that it's been great. It's wonderful down here," Charlie Powers said.

Illinois residents Dave and Karen Berry wanted to be on the golf course. The icy wind blowing from the direction of their home state convinced them to wait for a warm-up.

"To come this far is kind of disappointing," Dave Berry said. "But now the wife can do a little shopping too."

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