12-Year-Old Girl Changes Lives With One Wish

Energized children lined the Total Child Learning Center's parking lot Monday. Armed with poster boards, they cheered for 12-year-old Elise Reinfeldt of Tennessee.

The little girl with the bright smile has Leukemia. But despite her condition, Elise wished to help these little ones make over what Katrina damaged.

"Come down here to South Mississippi and redo a daycare," Make-A-Wish Director Shellie Mosses said.

After two weekends of non stop work, this TLC Center is like new. The 12-year-old says it's great to see her dream is now a reality.

"Before, as one of the teachers put, it looked like a clown threw up. And now it looks really nice, it is colorful," Reinfeldt said.

The kids are pretty pumped up about the new place. The young group has flooring to run on, cool chalkboard tables to write on, and costumes to try on.

"I guess it is just a gift from God that I like to give," Elise Reinfeldt said.

Elise's mom, Susan Reinfeldt, says her daughter has always had a passion for helping the less fortunate.

"She has done Easter Baskets for the young kids that are incarcerated, and she has feed the homeless," Reinfeldt said.

Elise says seeing these happy kids' faces encourages her to continue her mission of giving.