Grocery Giveaway Helps Pearlington Residents Focus On Rebuilding

Thousands of pounds of food and water arrived Monday in Pearlington, along with hundreds of volunteers. As one of the hardest hit areas of South Mississippi, people in Pearlington are still struggling to recover.

The international relief organization, Convoy Of Hope brought the staples so Katrina victims can instead spend their grocery money on rebuilding their lives.

Teenage volunteers spent Monday afternoon putting food into the hands of the people of Pearlington.

"It's hard to see all the things that happened down here and what people don't have because of it," one teen volunteer said.

Convoy of Hope brought nearly 5,000 bags of groceries and 41,000 pounds of canned water. Pearlington residents are being given two bags of food and a case of water.

"It's not going to be a big thing, but its to put something in their pantry to where they can say, 'Hey, I've got a meal,'" said Bob Perryman with Convoy of Hope. "We're putting back into the communities that are hurting. They need to be helped and we're there to help them."

For the 2,100 teens taking part in a national Church Youth Conference in Hattiesburg this week, handing out food is just one part of their missing to help hurricane victims.

"We're going to finish some houses. We're going to start and finish about 11 different homes," said Dan O'Deens with Momentum.

O'Deens hopes meetings and action will teach these teens to spread their faith. What they're seeing in South Mississippi is a lesson these young volunteers say they'll never forget.

"We're one nation, one body of people living in America. We're sharing the love of Christ, we're sharing our love and our passion," Indiana volunteer Trenton Porter said.

Another Indiana volunteer, Kaitlyn Arford, said, "You saw how bad it was with the hurricane and how much destruction it was. And it touched me in my heart and I really want to help people."

If you live in Pearlington and missed Monday's food distribution, you still have an opportunity to pick up some free groceries Tuesday from 10am until 5pm at the Pearlington Recovery Center.