Rotary Club Sponsors 21st Annual Kids Health Fair

A day of shopping at Edgewater Mall turned into an educational training ground for some south Mississippi parents and their children. The Edgewater Rotary Club held it's 21st annual Kids Health Fair.

"They're a lot of people who can't afford to take their kids to all of the different specialists that volunteer their time to come here and help with the screening", says Nancy Fobes, treasurer of the Edgewater Rotary Club.

From dental screenings and mental health counseling to finger printing from the local police department, the annual event has dozens of local vendors who have different backgrounds with the same purpose: 'keeping kids safe and healthy.'

"I think part of being healthy is not only your physical health but also your mental health and your emotional health as well," says Kimberly Cripps with Girl Scouts of America.

Judy Marquez agrees.

"The internet has gotten to be one of those top places where children are abducted or exploited. It gives us exposure that our groups are out there because a lot of people don't realize that," Marquez said.

Marquez is a parent educator with The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse. She says she is grateful for organizations like the Rotary Club; otherwise, many children wouldn't get the help they need.

"There are people that come to these fairs that would never know some of this stuff. There are children that don't always get good dental health but this is a great place to say 'OK, mom it's time to do it,'" says Marquez.

The health fair is held each year at Biloxi's Edgewater Mall before the start of the school year. It is free to the public.