God's Katrina Kitchen's Mission Needs To Evolve

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of debate and you have seen many stories on WLOX News over the mission and the future of God's Katrina Kitchen.

This faith based organization set up shop in Pass Christian right after the giant storm pummeled the coast and set about doing work that was truly required.

The need was great as thousands of coast residents were left without food and hope. God's Katrina Kitchen supplied both in ample portions to the hundreds of volunteers who were working on re-building the coast and also made it a practice to feed anyone who showed up.

We would expect nothing less from a religous group. But we think it is now time for God's Katrina Kitchen to seek out a strategic alliance with one of the other organizations who have in the past fed the homeless.

In fact, we think if God's Katrina Kitchen took its primary mission of feeding volunteers and partnered with one of the organizations like the Salvation Army or Feed My Sheep, together they could help our community's most needy.

We would hope that those organizations would welcome the help of the good hearted people who have provided a much needed service on the Coast.

We commend God's Katrina Kitchen for the work it has done, but it's time to offer help in other ways.

That's our opinion, we would like to hear yours. Email your thoughts to editorials@wlox.com.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager