Two New Businesses Honored For Bringing Back The Beauty

Can pleasing surroundings soothe the pain of a visit to the dentist? The staff members at the new Varrett Dental Clinic in Gulfport think so.

"We have some patients, they come in pretty nervous," says Dental Assistant Rachel Haslup. "But by the time they get in the chair and we talk to them and all that, they're totally calm. They love the oak tree, the building, how big it is, the colors, everything about it."

The landscaped green space of Majestic Oaks RV Resort is a welcome site for George Powell of Kansas City Missouri.

"We've seen a lot of parks," says Powell. "And I'm not going to call any names, but we were in one last night that wasn't very hospitable. But this looks like a great park."

Both of these businesses are July winners of the Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation's Bringing Back the Beauty Awards.

"They are both beautiful," says Awards Chairperson Linda Saxton Nix.

She says these two businesses are shining examples of building back greener and cleaner.

"They've both made an effort to preserve the live oaks," says Nix. "And they just look so nice nestled in their trees."

The foundation's ultimate goal is to create a Renaissance Garden and Horticultural Center. But in the interim, they plan to recognize and reward every business in the three coastal counties that makes the extra effort to preserve green space and build back beautifully.

"It's a peaceful thing," says Nix. "It's gives you a sense of going back to nature and I think people are tired of having parking lots totally paved over. We want to get in touch with nature and recover the coast back the way it was, and maybe even better after Katrina.

To learn more about the Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation's work, or to nominate a business for a Bringing Back the Beauty Award, just visit