School Administrators Rally Against Budget Cuts At Capitol

School board members and superintendents from across the state are rallying behind a new plan to get more money for education.

State senators voted Monday to take a little more than $50 million out of the state's "rainy day fund."

Education leaders from around the state packed the stairway between the first and second floors of the capitol building, trying to sway lawmakers for more education money.

Public schools are scrambling to make up for the budget cuts that Gov. Ronnie Musgrove ordered because of lagging tax collections.

With the cuts now in place, the president of the state superintendents association says 15 school districts in Mississippi will go bankrupt if something isn't done.

"That is nearly 10 percent of our school districts, which will technically be bankrupt as a direct result of these cuts," Dr. Jayne Sargent said. "Ladies and gentleman, that is simply unacceptable and compels an immediate response by the leadership of our state."

The house still has to vote on whether to take money out of the rainy day fund. Gov. Musgrove is in Washington, but a spokesman says he plans to study the idea.