Progress Evident At Troublesome Tire Dump

Six months ago, there were an estimated quarter million tires at a dump site near Highway 49 and 34th Street in Gulfport.

Today, there are noticeably fewer tires on the property.  Mac's Tire Recycling, a company near Tupelo, is in charge of removing all the tires.

"This didn't happen from the hurricane. This has been here," said neighboring business owner John Hill, "The mosquitoes have been here. They just continue to get worse and worse."

In these days of West Nile, mosquito breeding grounds become a serious health concern. We had no trouble finding mosquito larvae in the pools of water held by thousands of tires. The biting insects swarmed us during our visit, and are a constant nuisance to neighboring business owner John Hill.

"And I don't come out here. I can't even come to my own place. 'Cause I'm 78 years old. I'm afraid of it myself," he admitted

The company in charge of removing these tires was not working during our visit. A front end loader sits idle near the piles of rubber. But a spokesman assured me the clean-up is continuing.

Waste tires are being hauled to recycling facilities in Mobile and Saltillo, Mississippi, near Tupelo.

A representative of Mac's Tire Recycling says the clean up job has been a series of challenges. They have had equipment vandalized there, plus there's been even more illegal tire dumping at the site. Still, he says the clean up job should be finished by the week of August 13th.

The tire dump's nearest neighbor will believe that when he sees it.

"No sir. They will not be done by August 13th. They've never had but one truck hauling. One load a day. And there's no way. It would take a year to do it by the way they're doing it," says Hill.

While there's been progress made at the site, it's a different story just down the road.

Some four months ago we told you about another tire dump, off Hartsell Road, north of Long Beach. Earl Brown's son, David Brown, is responsible for that site. Harrison County filed a lawsuit against him.

The judge ordered a clean-up in 45 days, but nothing has been done. That case returns to court August 13th.