Supreme Court Denies Democrat Appeal Of Redistricting Plan

(Jackson-AP) -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Denied Democrats' emergency appeal on Mississippi's congressional redistricting case on Tuesday.

Democrats' attorney Robert McDuff had filed the appeal asking the Supreme Court to order that Mississippi use a redistricting plan drawn by Hinds County Chancery Judge Patricia Wise.

Scalia's decision came hours after three federal judges in Jackson ordered that the state use a map they drew.

McDuff says he has asked the full Supreme Court to hear the case but that is unlikely before the fall and after the election.

The decision means congressional elections will be conducted under the three-judge federal panel's plan.

In ordering that their map be used in Mississippi congressional elections, three federal judges said it was unconstitutional for a Hinds County chancery judge to draw a redistricting plan.

The federal judges said last week that they would order their plan to be used if the Justice Department by late Monday didn't approve the local judge's map. That approval didn't come.