Jackson County Tests Hundreds Of Voting Machines For Accuracy

The Jackson County Election Commission is putting in some long hours this week. The group is testing 425 voting machines, one by one.

"We are doing everything we can to make sure these machines are programmed correctly and ready to go," Election Commissioner Ben Sanford said.

Sanford says he is concerned about the accuracy of the touch screens.

"You do not want to put your finger on Bill Jones and actually have Harry James receive the vote, so that is why we are making sure the votes are channeled to the right person."

With more than 100 candidates on the ballot, Sanford and his team are working to ensure every vote cast is counted and concealed.

"We go through the process of putting security keys in the system and the encoders to make sure they have been programmed for that precinct."

Even with all this preparation, any of the machines could malfunction on voting day. That's why the election commission has set aside 25 spare machines to be used as backups.

"We have someone who is called a Rover, or even one of the county techs. They will take a machine to the precinct if needed," Commissioner Danny Glaskox said.

This will be the second time for Jackson County to use the touch screen system.

"Last year went pretty well. We had a few machines that malfunctioned. High tech electronics, and we are in an electronic age," Glaskox said.

The election commission is inviting citizens to check out how the machines are tested. If you're interested, just call (228) 769-3261.