South Mississippi Hero Dedicates His Life To Helping Others

Craig Snow of California has been married for 27 years. For 25 of those 27 years, his wife Beckie has joined him in his missionary work.

"We've been missionaries mostly overseas in Asia, Hong Kong. And we spent 10 years with Mercy Ships," Craig Snow says.

For the past two years, they've been doing mission work in East Biloxi rebuilding homes and lives. Two of their four children, Shannon and Jeremy, spend their summers away from college working at their parent's side.

Seeing this has deeply touched Sherry Catchings. They're building her a brand new house off Lee Street and Division.

"I will take time out for other people. This is all I think about now, I can't take the time out that Mr. Snow and them do, but if I can just give a little of it back, I will be happy," Catchings says.

"That's huge because in some ways," Snow says. "I think that's part of the transformation that is the possibilities of what's happening here with the volunteers. Not only rebuilding homes, but helping infuse something into the community."

Frank Tennort will tell you how huge it really is. The Snows have literally turned his life around. They built him a house two years ago, and then got funding from Hope Force so he could work with them full time.

"It's changing lives. This is one job that you would enjoy getting up and going to every morning," Tennort says.

Frank says before he met the Snows, he had lost his way and was heading down a dark path. Now he sees goodness everywhere, even while sanding a six panel bedroom door.

"It has a crucifix on it, so that's the Lord working right on. I know he brought me a mighty long way and I'm not going to stop."

Craig Snow and his Hope Force International workers and volunteers have rebuilt the homes and lives of 46 East Biloxi families.

Sherry was so overwhelmed by her loss, they made her sign a promise to relax, kick back, let them do everything and not step foot inside till it's 100 percent done. She is forever grateful.

"You have taken away from your family, your home and everything to be down here all this time to do for us," Catchings says to Snow. "I could never pay you back, but I do appreciate it."

"Thank you Sherry, it's a treat to serve you," Snow replies.

Craig Snow calls this overwhelming drive to dedicate his whole existence to others, "a conspiracy of love."

"The Latin root for conspiracy is actually to breathe together. And when I served in Hong Kong, the Chinese character for love is to breathe into somebody's heart. And for me, the opportunity to come along someone and to breathe into them, that's what I live for."