New Dialysis Center Open In D'Iberville

A new dialysis center in D'Iberville is making it easier for patients to get lifesaving treatments. Fresenius Medical Care has been serving the D'Iberville area for several years, but now they're offering treatments in a brand new state of the art facility, known as South Mississippi Kidney Center of D'Iberville. It's making life easier for patient's who depend on dialysis treatments to stay alive.

The South Mississippi Kidney Dialysis Center in D'Iberville is almost like a second home to Willie J Stewart. He's there several days a week. The 61-year-old has no kidneys, and depends on these treatments to stay alive.

Stewart says, "I was born with only one kidney, and because of high blood pressure, that one went bad. I thank God that through research, doctors, and nurses, with these dialysis machines we have a way to live now."

Stewart says he's learned to take his treatments in stride, spending four to five hours a day here, every other day. He says keeping the right attitude makes a difference.

"You have to stay in good spirits. Whenever I come in, I always have a smile on my face."

And he says it's even easier to smile now that the new building housing the center is open.

"Everything is centralized, it's brighter and more comfortable, all state of the art. It's much better, even though the other location was adequate".

Patients say the regular checkups and treatments are more comfortable in these new surroundings. Before this one opened on Lamey Bridge Road, patients had their treatments in this modular unit next door to the new building. The modular unit was much smaller and didn't have the comfort amenities the new facility offers.

Sheila Triggs, a Registered Dietitian at the center, says in this larger facility they can also treat more patients every day.

In addition to state of the art dialysis technology, the center has personal media stations, which offer each patient their own televisions and sound systems while they receive their treatments. That's important, when patients are spending several hours at a time there, as the dialysis machines clean the patient's blood, getting rid of the toxins that healthy kidneys normally take care of.

Trigg's compares the treatments to getting a snake bite. "Patients are poisoned until they come here and we clean the poison out of their blood."

Willie Stewart works hard to stay as healthy as possible. He has a strict diet and exercise program. Stewart is on a waiting list for a kidney and wants to make sure he's ready when they call.

"I'm looking forward to getting a kidney, and think that day is on the way."

The center in D'Iberville is one of 43 in Mississippi, and one of 1500 nationwide, operated by Fresenius Medical Care. You can reach the center by calling (228) 392-1300.