Gulfport Makes $479,237 Mistake On Resident's Water Bill

Bill Suits nearly fainted Saturday when he opened up his mobile home park's monthly water bill. The statement from Gulfport's Water Department said he owed $479,673.

A typical water bill at Suits' Pass Road retirement park is around $400, not a half million. So Monday morning, he went to the water department to fight the bill, and found out he only owed $436.

That's a $479,237 mistake.

"I'd have to sell the park to even be able to pay that," Suits said with a laugh. "I told them down there, I said, 'You almost gave me a heart attack when I got this bill, when I opened it up.'"

A representative in the Gulfport Water Department admits a clerical error was made on some of the bills that went out last week. She told WLOX News at least a dozen people like Mr. Suits called the water department Monday morning to have unusually high bills readjusted.