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Bounty Hunters Face Charges After Weekend Shooting

Things are usually quite along John Holder Road in the Hurley Community. But a pair of hand guns changed this quiet atmosphere over the weekend.

"We know four shots were fired," investigator Skip Kieper said. "Mr. Sherman fired one shot, and Mr. Knowles fired three shots, striking Mr. Dubose with the second round here fired."

Both men work at Lee Bonding in Pascagoula. The owner of the bonding company refused to make any comments about the charges against his employees.

Investigator Kieper says he was shocked by the actions of these bounty hunters.

"Mr. Dubose and everyone else involved is extremely lucky. Mr. Dubose, obviously, he could have been killed; that's who they were shooting at."

According to the state's bail agent manual, most bonding agents are allowed to carry fire arms and make arrests, but they "Do not have the right to engage in high-speed chases, terrorist tactics or any other action that would be illegal for any other citizen."

"When the two bail enforcement agency shot Mr. Dubose, their lives were not in danger. He was simply riding away on a four wheeler," Investigator Kieper said. "The use of deadly force is never ever justified unless you are defending your life or someone's even for law enforcement officers."

Both men are expected to make bail later tonight, after going before Judge Larry Wilson for their initial court appearance.

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