Pass Christian Animal Rescue Volunteer Says She's No Longer Welcomed

Jonean Crowle request for rezoning has already been voted down once by the Pass Christian Board of Alderman.

"They had had the meeting the night before, and they didn't notify me."

She's about to get another chance to plead her case, but she not counting on a change of heart.

"They made up there minds before we ever went to zoning because they voted us out then."

A big shift in attitude toward her 5 acre refuge for unwanted animals and aggressive dogs runs solely on donations. A shift she says was spearheaded by just a handful of her neighbors.

"It's well known that 95% of the people in Pass Christian would like us to stay," says Crowle, founder of the South Mississippi Animal Rescue Team and Refuge. "But the immediate area, there's a few people that's causing us problems."

Noise and smell is the primary complaint and Crowle admits she now has far more animals than ever in her 9 years in operation. But she says that's due to the hurricane.

"No one ever knew we were here until Katrina when we jumped in and started helping the city. They were so grateful that we were here and able to clear the streets of all the stray animals and reunite animals. We saved the city over 30 thousand dollars."

Now, she's preparing to take her services north to Petal, at a site she says would be perfect, if she can find the money.

"We're going to be begging everybody we can to do fundraisers, grants, anything anybody can think of because it's about a million dollars, but it's 200 acres and 3 huge buildings."

But she says admits she's disappointed in the city she's tried so hard to help.

"It's disappointing when you do so much for a community. We've been here 10 years total, 9 years in this location, and they just turn their backs on you."