Rain, Is It Good For Farmers Or Not?

Less than a month ago scorching temperatures and moderate drought conditions had many farmers praying for rain.

"If the lord will bless us with some rainfall, I think we will be in good shape," says one farmer.

In a matter of days the skies changed.   For a couple of weeks now, heavy showers have pounded much of the state.   But the question now is...is all this water good for farmers? well, it depends on who you ask.

"With agriculture like it is, it is really helping the hay people. It is hurting the vegetable guys. The cotton people in the delta aren't really liking it right now. It keeps them out of the field, they're not able to spray as much like they would like, so it's really a mixed bag."

The National Weather Service shows Jackson's still shy 12.64 inches of rainfall for this year. But in this month alone Jackson has received 5.09 inches of rain. That's more than 3 inches above normal for July.

"We're really getting too much now," says Gerald Dupree.

Dupree has been growing a variety of crops on Dupree Farms for more than 30 years.   He sells his produce to the Mississippi farmers market.   Now the surge of wet weather has taken a serious toll his tomatoes.

Dupree says, "We're picking probably 2,000 lbs a week, and we're throwing about half of those away from water damage."

James Richmond is experiencing similar problems at his farm in Lincoln Ccounty.

"We've probably had 7 or 8 inches (of rain) at the farm.   The extra water is shortening the shelf life of the crop," says richmond.

Both farmers say they keep their eyes on the skies and hope for the best.

"You watch it, but in our case you really can't do anything about it, so you just trust the Lord to take care of you and go on."

Farmers farther north in Mississippi are having the same issues with this rain.