West Side Story Comes To The Gulfport Little Theatre

With the help of some young local talent, West Side Story is coming to life on the Gulfport Little Theatre stage. The young actors and actresses had their work cut out for them in trying to perform this musical production.

"West Side Story is one of the most difficult productions ever.  It's difficult, in that, it's almost a ballet.  The entire production, the staging, the movement - it's all choreographed," says Percell St. Thomas, choreographer.

For some of the actors, it was their first time trying on their dancing shoes.

"It's quite complicated, but I got it. I got it," says Zachary Salter.

"The choreography is a lot of fun, and I never really had formal dance training.  But, after this, it's inspired me to take formal dance lessons," says Brittany Blackmon.

"They are phenomenal. They gave up quite a bit. We rehearsed about 4 times a week," says Molly Cox, choreographer.

While the choreography played a big part in the play, these actors say getting into character and knowing how to sell it is what really draws the crowds.

"Diesel's a tough guy, but he's not very smart.  Everybody's so talented, and I would have had a hard time casting anyone because everyone's amazing. I love working with everybody here," says Salter.

Those who came to wait in line before showtime must have known it would be a stellar show. The box office and lobby were buzzing in anticipation.

From the sounds of the cast warming-up before showtime, it sounds as if these young actors were ready for the curtains to go up. Opening night was actually Friday evening.

The cast will perform again Sunday night. The show will pick up again the 19th and run through the 22nd.