Reverse 9-1-1 System Ready To Go In Hancock County

Hancock County Emergency Managers say the Reverse -911 system is high technology that could save your life.

Brain Adam, Director of Hancock County EMA, says, "We're able to send messages out to people prior to anything whether it's a storm, whether it's a hazmat incident, or whether we just want to give a boil water notice.  It can be used for anything."

The automated system zeros in on a problem area and alerts residents of the potential danger by phone.

Adam says, "We can take one little area say we have a train derailment with chemicals leaking . You can take a little circle around it go for what ever your evacuation radius is and it will call just them people."

The Reverse 911 system has been down since hurricane Katrina. But the system is about to be reactivated. Emergency Managers know their call out list will need updating.

"A lot of people have moved. We've found that they've moved; a lot of them are disconnected. A lot of people have cell phones . Cell phones can work on this system. We just have to have their phone numbers," says Adam.

Brice Phillips, EOC Communications Director says, "It relies on your phone number and your address plus your zip code plus four. The zip code plus four is the 4 numbers they put after your zip code. If you don't have that plus 4 zip code, you can get that from your postal service, and then we can put you in the system."

Phoning in those numbers will give residents another way to receive emergency information from their EOC.

To make sure your cell phone or home phone number and zip code is in the system, call the Hancock County E-O-C at 228-466-8200.