Volunteer Group Feeding The Hungry Every Second Saturday Hopes To Expand

Monday through Friday Loaves and Fishes in Biloxi feeds anyone who walks through their door. Now, every second Saturday of the month, the feeding continues.

The volunteers of the Nativity Social Justice team take over the Loaves and Fishes Mission of Mercy every second Saturday of the month. An effort Nativity BVM Parish has undertaken, and one which they say is still badly needed.

"We said how can people survive if they don't eat 2 days a week," says Team Leader Peter Webster. "So we stepped up to the plate."

In just 3 months, team leader Peter Webster says their operation has grown tremendously.

"The first time we did it we fed 25 to 35 people came through," says Webster. "The second time we did it, we fed 90 people."

Team Chairperson Sarah Rider says many of these people have jobs, homes and even families, but shockingly not always enough money to buy food.

"It is very eye opening to know how many people are out there who don't have somewhere to eat and are down on their luck," says Rider.

They enlisted the help of several local casinos to provide the food. Now they hope to enlist other groups of volunteers to expand the feedings to every Saturday.

"We need groups to volunteer to come in and serve," says Webster. "We do have the food that possibly will be prepared once we get all the casinos on board. So all it is a matter of doing, is going and picking up the food, bringing it down to Loaves and Fishes on Main Street and feeding the people."

People who very much appreciate a hot meal they might otherwise have had to skip.

Any one wishing to help expand the Saturday feedings can contact Peter Webster at 228-424-6496 or Loaves and Fishes at 436-6172.