Westside Community Questions Future Of Park

Council woman Libby Roland and Mayor Brent Warr did their best to answer questions about plans for a community center at the park. Some fear the new community center will be reminiscent of the old Gaston Hewes Center. However, Mayor Brent Warr says that's not the case.

"That site was very large and because of that there is a lot of money to work with, so we can build a much finer community center with the money that we have if we put it together," says Mayor Warr.

Just months ago, crews demolished the old Gaston Hewes building. Now the mayor says the city has nearly two million dollars from federal and state funds to go towards a new facility.

The mayor compared the new Westside Community Center to the likes of the Donal Snyder Center in Biloxi and council woman Libby Roland says that would be a plus.

"Donal Snyder Center is awfully nice, and we would love to have something that nice. I can't imagine anything nicer than living in the neighborhood as a retired person and being able to walk over," Roland said.

City leaders want the people in the area to keep an open mind about the community's future.

"Don't close your minds to it today because what we need to do is get with you and show you the designs that the architects come up with and the options that they give us, and then let's make a decision," Warr said.

Kaboom will be at Westside Park next week to install a new state of the art playground. Councilwoman Libby Roland says the city is working with architects and they hope to have plans for the community center at next months Westside Community Meeting.