Accused Sex Ring Leaders' Personal Websites Filled With Teens

Christina Earls online friends aren't other moms in their 30's. The friends Earls has on MySpace are teenagers, dozens of 14, 15, and 16 year old boys and girls. Earls updated her online page on Wednesday, just hours before she was arrested in San Diego. It's believed that's when she added this song.

"I'm sorry for the pain that I have caused," lyrics from a song play on her website.

"Blame It On Me," a song by Akon, even talks about being arrested.

"I'm sorry that your life turned out this way, I'm sorry that the feds came and took me away," the lyrics continue.

The most frequent MySpacers to comment on her page were kids, leaving messages like "I love you mom", "Can I come over after school?" and one from a 14 year old boy that read: "Can my sister bring her camera tomorrow please?"

"She's just a little young girl trying to have fun. But daddy should of never let her out that young," the Akon song sang on her Myspace site.

Earls' husband Rick also posted comments on her page, and even hinted at the San Diego trip back in April. But most of Rick Earls comments were too explicit to show. And his personal MySpace page is private, only seen by the people he lets in.

But on another online social site, Facebook, you'll find his picture, date of birth, and hometown.

Since investigating their personal websites Thursday night, WLOX has watched Christina's friends list plummet as people remove themselves from her profile. But disappearing friends won't hinder the case. Captain Mick Sears told WLOX they confiscated computers the couple was using and have everything documented.

"I got computers to send off, video and CDs to look at. We've got weeks of digging to figure out if there are any more victims," Capt. Sears said.

I asked Sears to look at Earls MySpace page. He didn't recognize any of the victims here.  As of now, Sears says no girls have reported being victimized.

"We're going to look at it and see if they have any connections. We do have some emails we subpoenaed, and I'm sure they came through this same thing, the MySpace thing," Sears said.

Sears says with the help of technology, the couple's cyber footprints could lead investigators on a trail to other potential victims.

Capt. Sears says investigators could fly to San Diego as early as next week, where they hope to extradite the Earls and seize more evidence. Sex Exploitation charges carry sentences of 2 to 40 years per count. A conviction of sexual battery could mean 5 to life.

Investigators will sit down with the District Attorney next week to determine how many counts will be filed against Rick and Christina Earls.