Pascagoula Basketball Star In Trouble With The Law

"I was laying on the bed sleep, and about one o'clock I heard a loud bang, and I thought it was fireworks."

Angela Smith says she soon found out that noise came from bullets, and they were coming into her home.

"It was a .45 they were shooting," Smith remembered.

Pascagoula Police believe the shots were fired by two teenagers, Telvin Wooley and Adrian Magee. Magee's name might sound familiar. He's the star guard for Pascagoula High's basketball team.

Police say early Sunday morning, Magee and his friend Wooley drove up to a house on Newman Avenue and began firing shots inside.

Smith believes their target was Magee's ex-girlfriend, who was over at Smith's house.

"It was a little girl over here that my son been knowing for years, but she did not tell him she had a crazy ex-boyfriend. She was over here talking with him, in the room when he [Magee]rolled passed and shot in the house," Smith told WLOX News.

Smith says by the time she ran outside, the shooters were gone. The neighbors then called Pascagoula Police, who arrived on the scene in minutes.

"They came and looked at the bullet holes."

But police say it was a text message that linked Magee to the shooting

"While they were here, the boy texted the little girl and let him know he had done it, and told her she would be next. You do not come and shoot in somebody's house," Smith said.

While Pascagoula School District officials chose not to speak on camera about the shooting, they did say they've cut Magee from an upcoming basketball tournament in Jackson. Instead, the ball player will be heading to a different kind of court.

Magee and Wooley are both out of jail on $50,000 bonds.