Some Residents Still Not Happy With Partially Finished Street Project

Eight months behind schedule, phase one of Crawford Street is finally finished.

"It's better, it's definitely better," Alan Desporte said. "There's no pot holes.

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway uses Crawford Street as one example of how in-house construction crews don't get work done on time. That was one of his arguments in persuading the city council to hire a construction manager.

"They're just now doing the project," Crawford Street home owner Dennis Grillot said. "It was supposed to be completed in June, and it's February. They are just now finishing it up."

"It's better than any road I've ever rode on before, but it's a different story on the other side of the tracks," Kaitlyn Desporte said.

"It's not finished past the railroad. You got about 150 yards of the part of Crawford Street that should have been paved a long time ago," Joseph Smolcich said. "It was the worst part of Crawford Street, but it's not finished. It actually hasn't even started."

City officials say phase two of the project can't start until they secure a piece of easement property needed to start the work. Meanwhile, residents are dealing with some new problems.

"There used to be a sidewalk right there, but now all you can see is mud and garbage," one resident said. "They didn't clean up their mess, they just left it."

It may not be done in the time projected, but that is nothing new to the people of Crawford Street. The city has the $450,000 needed for the job. They also have the construction crews in place. They say they'll notify the residents of Crawford Street before the work begins.