Gautier Man Wants Justice For Abused Dog

A Gautier man is crying out for justice for his dog which he says was kidnapped from his yard and, he believes, forced to fight for its life.

Chris Seiler says his dog Jasmine went missing some time after midnight Sunday. When he finally found her the next day, she was covered with puncture wounds and could barely walk. His veterinarian tells him she'll need hip replacement surgery, and if there are complications, she could eventually lose her right rear leg.

Seiler says luckily, his next door neighbor identified a teenage boy she saw leading the dog away with a rope tied around its neck that night. Seiler called Gautier Police who are investigating the incident.

Seiler says he wants anyone involved in this vicious attack prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

"I'd like the little kid responsible go to prison after he's sent to his little correctional facility, under the cruelty to animals act. I'd like to see the parents pay for every single bill that's coming out of this, because I don't know what to do other than just try and make her feel alright."

Seiler says he'd also like to see a big increase in jail time and fines for dog fighting and other forms of cruelty to animals.