Missing Dog Returned To Owner After More Than Two Months

"Smile for the camera will you," says Charles Carr holding his beloved Boston Terrier. "Tell them, 'I'm glad to be home.'"

Carr is smiling today, because after more than two months of searching, he finally found his  Skipper.

"It's wonderful to have him home."

You might remember when Skipper went missing from Carr's Ocean Springs business. Carr offered a $2,000 reward and even produced this commercial ad which ran on WLOX. Carr says that ad and his long search produced a lot of leads, and even a new pet, but no Skipper.

"We had a lot of leads and we checked out several of them. And in the process, I looked in the pound and I found this dog we now call 'Chief.' He was about to die and be gone over the hill and put away."

But this week, he finally got the call he'd all but given up on. It came from a Gulfport woman named Ramona Hatten.

"She said that someone that worked for Ingalls in Moss Point had given him to her."

As promised, Carr paid her the reward, no questions asked.

"She was very nice and brought the dog back and she has a Boston female of her own."

And Skipper isn't giving any details about his adventure either.

"He's keeping a tight upper lip," says Carr. "He will not rat them out."

But Carr doesn't care, because out of this long and heart wrenching ordeal, he and his wife now have two dogs to call man's best friend.

"Skipper used to sleep in the bed. Now Chief, the pound dog, he likes to sleep in the bed. And last night it was a fight to see who's bed got both of them. I ended up with both of them.