Genealogy Workshop Held At Beauvior

African Americans having difficulty tracing their family tree got some help in Biloxi on Saturday.

Beauvoir sponsored a work shop called "Basic Sources of African American Research." Genealogist Anne Anderson LaCour told her audience that the first step towards researching African American heritage is getting rid of myths. She says some common misconception are that all African American descend from slaves or that slaves always took last names of their owners.

LaCour says the most important part of tracing a family tree is knowing how to go about it.

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"It really doesn't matter what color you are if you don't know how to do proper research. Because if you don't know how to research, even if you see records, you're not going to know how to use them or how to evaluate them," LaCour said.

This is the second year that Beauvoir has sponsored the workshop.