Edgewater Mall ATM Found Beat Up In Gulfport, Third Suspect Arrested

A stolen ATM machine from Edgewater Mall turned up in a Gulfport neighborhood, and now two men are charged with the crime.

Robert Tertuis Morgan and Clifford Deshawn White, both of Gulfport, were charged Tuesday with Grand Larceny after the Biloxi Police Department Dive Team received an anonymous tip that the Keesler ATM machine was in a drainage ditch in the Turkey Creek Community.

When police recovered the machine, it was pretty beat up. They believe it was pushed, pulled, or dragged from the mall. Money was taken from the machine, but police have not verified the amount.

A third suspect, Tyson Lee Gaines of Gulfport, was arrested Wednesday and also charged with Grand Larceny. Each man's bond is set at $50,000.