Neco's Family Market Expands

What started as a small gas station is now Pass Christian's premier grocer. Neco's Family Market is bigger than ever and it's still growing.

If you walk into Neco's Family Market, you will see aisle after aisle of consumer favorites. The expanded family owned store may look like your typical grocery store but the market place offers something that others can't compete with: A family-like feel.

"When you come here a lot you get to know everybody and they are friendly. The service is great. Anything you need, they don't have a problem helping you whatsoever," says Katrina Peterson, a long-time customer of Neco's.

Peterson says the customer service and convenience of Neco's keeps her coming back. Employees agree.

"When everyone heard that they were going to open a big grocery store, they were very excited. No more drives to Gulfport or Bay St. Louis or Diamondhead. Something local and close, something that everyone knew," says Julie Sinclair.

Sinclair has been working for Neco's for about a month.

David Sellers, the general manager of the store says while Neco's has made many changes over the years, there is still more to come.

"We are listening to our customers and anything that they want and need, we plan to get it," Sellers said.

The expansion includes more food choices, greeting cards, a deli and a self serve gas station.

"Neco's is a business that evolved through the community's support and the community's need. It wasn't really a facility designed to be a grocery store, or a meat department, or a deli department,' says Sellers.

That wasn't the plan when Marsha and David Necaise opened the store several years ago. But now customers have everything many of the larger chains offer right in their backyards.