Biloxi Students Plan Careers During Tough Economic Times

Students at Michel Junior High are learning how to build a computer, getting tips on how to start their own business and learning about the different jobs they may be interested in. The lessons are part of Career Day at Michel.  Twenty five businesses and organizations visited the school to talk to students about life after high school.

Myra Wilson is a teacher at Michel.  She says they're trying to get the students to think about what careers are out there and start planning the classes that they can get in high school to prepare for that career.

But the students are planning their futures at a time when jobs are dwindling, plants are closing and education is facing cuts. Ninth Grader Heather Fayard worries about paying for college and landing a job. She says she really wants to teach in Mississippi, but there might not be any jobs in Mississippi for history teachers, so she might end up going out of state to find a job.

Adam Litke is more optimistic about finding a job as a high school coach and being able to afford college. He says he plans to get an academic scholarship, so his parents won't have to worry about tuition.

Even though some students are worried about their future, they are hopeful the economy will eventually turn around. Adam Litke thinks it will all be better by the time he graduates from high school. That will help the students as they pursue their dreams in school or the working world.