Voters Meet County Candidates Face to Face

Jo Richardson says she never misses a chance to vote. But this time around, she wants to know firsthand where the candidates stand.

"I'm rebuilding a house from Katrina. I'm in the house all the time, I'm not out where I get to hear them except for times like this," Richardson said.

Two of her concerns are education and law enforcement. Other Latimer residents are worried about the future of their neighborhoods.

"I hope the next supervisor that's voted in, will be from our community, will be a local, and will help us stop this development on wetlands," Latimer resident Darlene Champion said.

"They need to get the job done as far as grass cut, roads picked up, ditches dug, We have a lot of drainage problems up here," Latimer resident Chris Sims said.

Residents agree that a three minute speech by the candidates isn't much, but it's the start of making an informed decision.

"You need to know all the details before you vote, you need to know who they are, what they stand for, where they come from, what kind of ethics they have, and that way you'll know what kind of leadership they have," Champion said.

"I want one that represents the whole county. We don't want to be the stepchild," Richardson said.

Latimer's forum is believed to be one of the top in the county. And after the forum, these voters are ready to make a difference.

"Anybody can go to the polls and check a name. If you're responsible, then that holds them responsible to their job," Richardson said.

There will be another forum on Monday, July 16th at 6 p.m. You'll find another pool of 16 candidates, this time with candidates for state senate, sheriff, chancery clerk, and more.