Harrison County Skate Park Gets A Facelift

The makeover of the Harrison County Skate Park is just about done. County work crews are rebuilding rails, so in-line skaters have a safer place to try their tricks.

Buddy Scarborough is the skate park's director. As he walked through the park, he said, "We revamped all the ramps from the original makeup."

The county is trying to make the skate park more user friendly. It added a pavilion, some bleachers, and a walking track in and around the park. And it just tore down the 14 foot ramp known as the "big vert".

"The thing we want to do is let the public know and the community know that this is a very safe place for their kids to come," said Scarborough.

Harrison County will get its chance to show off the skate park on March 9, 2002. That's when it's inviting people to a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Connie Rockco is a Harrison County supervisor. The skate park is in her district. She talked about the parks' upcoming re-opening by saying, "We wanted everyone in the surrounding area to know that it's a neighborhood park now, that we have more than just the skate park. And we've done a lot of improvements and renovations. And we'd like people to see that."

About 1,500 invitations were mailed to Harrison County residents and 8,500 went home with school students. According to the county administrator, the printing and postage cost of $1,291.

The invitations put in the mail came in envelopes from supervisor Rockco's office, making it seem like the county's paying for the party, even though it's not. "We probably shouldn't have sent it out in the county envelop," admitted Rockco. "However, I think there was a shortage of time, and we had the facility. And it will be paid back by the vendors and by myself."

Harrison County is leasing space at the skate park to three vendors. They sell equipment and run the concession stand. Supervisor Rockco said they're the one's who will eventually pay for the ribbon cutting party.