Ohio University Students Shoot Documentary On Post-Katrina Recovery

Students from Ohio University signed on for a boot camp of a different sort, one that landed them on the coast. About two weeks from now, the students will finish shooting an hour-long documentary on post-Katrina recovery. The documentary will primarily focus on the 100 Homes in 100 Days effort in Pascagoula.

"It's the real deal.  They're under real pressure to come back with well lit interviews and good b-roll. They're feeling the pressure, and they're responding really well," says Professor Frederick Lewis.

For Anthony Fabiano, the project was personal. He had family members in Pascagoula who lost homes in the storm.

"It was really rewarding to do something to help my family. It's been neat to see my major put to good use to help those who need it," says Fabiano.

I have indeed watched them grow. Their production skills have ramped up very quickly but also their producing skills and just their general sensitivity to people and the conditions down here," says Lewis.

"The main thing that's changed with me...I'm definitely more eager and more willing to help other people now," says student Nora Rye.

Christopher Haubert says the giving nature he saw from other volunteers on the coast reminded him of someone close to his heart.

"I lost my grandfather right before I came down, and he was a real big member of the community. I wanted to kind of get in their shoes and see the same quality my grandfather had in helping out the community," says Haubert.

"The faith in the community and the faith of the different groups coming to help has really been what's holding the community together but more needs to be done.  I just hope the message gets out," says Fabiano.

Professor Lewis say the students plan to complete the documentary sometime in October. Ultimately, Lewis says the group plans to get the documentary on PBS. The students plan to be here until July 15th.