Store's Video Surveillance Key In Wal-Mart Assault Investigation

Video surveillance from Wal-Mart was crucial to the arrest of Jes Green. But police say the same equipment that helped their investigation, also hindered it in the beginning.

"The first time, the videos that were viewed did not support the young lady's claim that she had been assaulted. Fortunately we realized yes, it did happen. It happened twice," Ocean Springs Police Chief Lionel Cothern said.

Just last month, Green was arrested for a misdemeanor marijuana charge, so he was a familiar face to the Ocean Springs Police Department.

"One of our employees saw it and recognized him. We had a mug shot because of a prior arrest; we had him in our computer, and we had his address narrowed down," Cothern said.

So just after midnight on Saturday, officers arrested Green at his home on Peacock Street, just two and a half miles from Wal-Mart.

Police say Green tossed the weapon he allegedly used into a ditch on Reilly Road. Canine units from Biloxi and Ocean Springs were on scene, but it was an officer who discovered the weapon.

"Fortunately we always check the area to make sure there's nothing that can hurt the dog. While I was searching the area was when we recovered it," K-9 Officer Bryan Wallace said.

Chief Cothern says in his 21 years with the Ocean Springs Police Department, he's never seen a case like this. But he emphasizes that residents should remain cautious.

"We also stress to never drop your guard. There's always someone out there that can take his place just as quick," Cothern said.

Police say they hope to meet with the District Attorney on Monday. Meanwhile, investigators say it's unclear if Green has ever attacked or robbed anyone else.

They're urging the public to call (228) 875-2211 with any other information about possible encounters with Jes Green. And stay with WLOX for updates on further charges in this case.