Ocean Springs Police Nab Suspected Wal-Mart Attacker

"You wouldn't expect it, you wouldn't think you have to watch people and think 'Are they going to hurt me?' Everyone comes to Wal-Mart at night; it's the thing to do in Ocean Springs," 16 year old Katie Nores said.

In the past week, young women in Ocean Springs have been extra cautious when they head to Wal-Mart.

"You have to be on your guard all the time. You can't just say it's never going to happen to me, because it can," said 16 year old Meredith Olsson.

Now that Ocean Springs police have a suspect in custody. Customers are pushing their carts with less fear. For days, an artist sketch was all they had to go on, but late Friday night, that changed.

The search kicked into high gear when Wal-Mart gave investigators an additional security camera video. With the help of Biloxi PD, they were able to digitally alter the photo, and within minutes, someone in the Ocean Springs police department identified Jes Green.

Word of an arrest spread fast in Ocean Springs and in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The suspect's capture is a relief for women of all ages.

"I'm really glad they caught him. It didn't take them a long time either; that was good," Ocean Springs resident Lillian Freeman said.

"It makes me feel safer because I know that he's caught. I have to be cautious but not as cautious," 13 year old Victoria Nores said.

But one teenager is wise beyond her years. Meredith Olsson says she's learned a safety lesson from the recent attacks.

"Even though he's caught, there are still people who will do something like that or even worse. I am still on my guard all the time. Especially in big places where it's easy to be overlooked," Olssen said.

Investigators told WLOX that they have not ruled out Green's connection to a murder in North Carolina. More information will be available tomorrow at a police press conference at 10 a.m.

Mayor Connie Moran had this to say about the investigation:

"The city should be proud of the valiant effort of our team of patrolmen and detectives, led by Lieutenant Keith Havard to identify the suspect and make the arrest.  Hopefully this will cease any concerns of our citizens who fear they may be attacked."

By Keli Rabon