Coast Doctor Gives Big Despite His Own Financial Loss

He's the doctor who dug deep to give back to others. Neurosurgeon James Doty carried out the good-hearted deed, despite the winds of financial change blowing against him.

"Even though in the interval to making the decision, I lost $75 million, I had already agreed to do it and felt that I wanted to go ahead and proceed," says James Doty, neurosurgeon.

He lost most of his stock holdings in the dot-com melt down of 2000. Despite all, he still gave away about $29 million in stock, about 99 percent of his net worth, to a group of charities and beneficiaries like his alma mater, Tulane, which received $6.5 million. His colleagues say that's just the kind of man Doty is.

"Even if I am richer than he is, that's not an easy thing to do. He's a man with a big heart," says neurosurgeon Jhinho Kim.

"To have the ability to look around you and realize that you can help others and be that giving; it's just a great thing," says neurologist Chelsea Grow.

For now, Doty has put early retirement plans on hold to save for his family's future, especially for his 3-year-old son, Sebastian. But, Doty says you have to put things in perspective.

"Once a person has a roof over their heads, is fed well, their family's taken care of... beyond that money doesn't contribute to happiness," says Doty.

Ultimately, Doty says his love for what he does and the difference he makes keeps him rich, no matter how much is in his bank account.

"I have a profession that pays very well. I help people everyday. I'm very blessed," says Doty.