Burglars Strike Pregnancy Clinic Again

Two burglaries in one week at a free pregnancy clinic in Gautier have its employees worried. WLOX News reported on the first incident last week. The Pregnancy Resource of Mississippi, or PROMISS lost several computers that included client information.

"They cut right through here, made a circle, reached in, pulled it up," Executive Director of PROMISS Rachel Nilsen said.

Nilsen says that's how two thieves broke into PROMISS last week. They stole three desktop computers containing all her patient files. But once wasn't enough. Thieves struck again late Tuesday night, right before an employee's son stopped by.

"He scared off the second attempt," Nilsen said.

PROMISS volunteers started using laptops after the first burglary, so no computers were left to be stolen.

Thieves weren't interested in the thousands of baby products, or PROMISS'S ultrasound machine. So nothing was taken.

"All this had the signs of someone who just wanted it for the money, to sell it for the money," Nilsen said.

Nilsen was worried after one break-in, but since it's happened again, that worry has grown.

"You're not safe as long as they're out there," Nilsen said.

PROMISS did not have a security system in place during either of the break-ins. Now, they've received a donated security system, and say nothing can stop them from fulfilling their promise to their clients.

"We're not going to let fear control us and dictate how we do our ministry. As long as we have ourselves, our lives, and pen and paper, we can help those who need our help," Nilsen said.

Investigators have several leads. Witnesses spotted a white man, between 20 and 30-years-old, carrying a garbage bag down Ladiner Road around the time of last Thursday's break-in.

Police are also looking for a White Grand Am seen during Tuesday night's attempted burglary. It was parked across the street with two women inside. That car sped away when the witness first noticed the office had been broken into.

If you have any information, please contact Detective Wilson with the Gautier Police Department at (228) 497-8027.