Viewers Respond To Recent Editorial On Pit Bulls, Vicious Dogs

We received a number of letters from our recent editorial concerning Pit Bulls attacking several coast residents. Most of the letters came from owners of Pit Bulls.

D. Lopez wrote, "You portrayed Pit Bulls as vicious animals that need to be banned. You are trying to fix the wrong problem. The owners need to be held accountable. Have their picture plastered on the news because they allowed it to happen. Instead of portraying Pit Bulls as savage animals that need to be put away to protect society, why don't you call public attention toward the atrocities committed toward animals on a daily basis. Or is it just easier for you to say, 'NO MORE PIT BULLS?'"

T. Wheeler wrote, "Any dog can be a bad dog. It's up to the owner to decide that. The owner should be at fault in these cases, it is not the dog's fault. I think they should not be allowed another animal of any kind for the rest of their lives. No animal should have to be with someone with that kind of background. We need to better our animals by making sure the right people are taking care of them and that way everybody is safe."

D. Simoneaux wrote, "Outlawing such a wonderful breed would take away family pets from good owners like me. Don't punish the breed, but punish the owners for their lack of responsibility. Maybe if the finger starts getting pointed towards irresponsible owners and not the pit bulls, then something will change. This is not just a dog breed issue and anyone who thinks such is ignorant."

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager