Biloxi Planning Commission Denies Zoning Change For Bar/Restaurant

Shooters Bar and Family Entertainment is looking to make Biloxi its new home.  The new restaurant would sit off Beauvoir Road, a few feet down the road from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

"I am looking to open a respectable bar and restaurant," says Linda Chandler, the President of Operations for Shooters.

"It's a good idea.  It's just not the right location," says neighbor Todd Miranne.

Linda Chandler says she wants to open Shooters Bar and Family Entertainment for one simple reason.

"I want to offer more of what's needed in the community. You have a lot of fast food areas, not enough restaurants," says Chandler.

But the proposed restaurant's new neighbors say - not in their neighborhood. A residential community sits in front of the property and the FOX R.V. Park is behind it. Residents say with the expansion of the Coast Coliseum, that sits diagonally from the property, traffic is a major concern.

"We really don't really need or look forward to an additional 100 or 200 cars parked directly across the street trying to enter and exit," says Miranne.

Another issue residents posed is the neighborhood's increasing crime rate.

"Lately, we've had an increase in crime. We've had door checks and burglaries, and we really want to nip this in the bud before it gets started," says Miranne.

But Chandler says she's already thought about crime and other concerns.

"Twenty-four hour security, that's not negotiable. We do want to adequately sound proof the building. We do not want any issues of disturbance," says Chandler.

"We're offering things the community doesn't have right now, and I'm really upset that people didn't see that way," says Joe Lambert, Shooters Assistant Manager.

When the decision came down from the Biloxi Planning Commission, it voted unanimously against recommending a change in zoning. The final decision rests in the hands of the Biloxi City Council.