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Firework Show Sparks Dispute Between Hurley Neighbors

"These fireworks burst, these things fall from the sky and fall on my property."

Lloyd Holston says cleaning up the muddy remnants of fireworks has become an unpleasant July 5th tradition. The Hurley man says the Full Life Assembly of God puts on a yearly fireworks show just feet away from his yard.

To him the star spangled spectacle is one big headache.

"I have a 150 gallon butane tank sitting right behind my home over there, and I have horses in these pastures that have to be moved. They are, as I would say, allergic to fireworks. They do not like them," Holston said.

But the pastor of the church, Jim Reed, says the show is a good, family event, and something many people look forward to each year. 

"Everyone loves it, and are encouraging us to do it here. He is the only one that is opposing the event. As far as debris and leaving debris on his property, for the last two years we have cleaned up for him," Pastor Jim Reed said.

Fireworks are allowed in Hurley and the rest of unincorporated Jackson County. But Holston says his quiet, safe neighborhood is no place for a huge fireworks show. He wants the church to light up their firecrackers somewhere else.

"I would not say I want them banned, but I would rather not have them in my backyard. You never know what can happen at a fireworks show, so you have to be prepared.  And you have it at a location where the crowds can be backed up from the show. And you need good insurance to cover personal property that may be damaged," Holston said.

Pastor Reed says if the event does continue to grow, he doesn't mind relocating. But for now, he's staying put.

"We would consider moving somewhere else. We are not trying to be a burden to the community," Reed said.

Holston plans to petition Jackson County Supervisors in hopes of stopping next year's fireworks show.

by Patrice Clark

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