Families Celebrate Nine Year Tradition In Biloxi

Two Biloxi families kicked off this Fourth of July with a one-of-a kind celebration.

"Years ago we looked for an excuse to have a party and the Fourth of July came along and here we are," says Paul Seymour.

Paul Seymour is just one member of the huge Seymour Family. For years, the Seymours and the Desporte families, along with their close friends, get together for a Fourth of July celebration like no other. This year, not even Mother Nature could stop the party.

A live band is just one of the perks of this party. However, the food and fireworks are the big attractions.

"We started early this morning. We had to get all the crabs out, and we caught all the crabs," says Jim Desporte.

The crabs, shrimp, and the mullet were crowd pleasers at this party. All are seafood favorites the matriarch of this family can't wait to taste.

"It means something wonderful and I hope it never stops," says Lillie Seymour.

The Seymour Family finished off the celebration with a big fireworks display. They say they hope to keep the family and friends celebration going strong for many, many years to come.