100 Homes/100 Days Project Working Until Finished

"The hundred team, and its team members, and host of volunteers have completed 65 homes."

They fell short of their 100 homes goal, but the volunteers who've spent the last four months working don't feel defeated.

"At the end of the day, it's all about getting people back in their homes, and that is the exciting part," project leader Keith Canfield said.

Canfield organized thousands of volunteers to rebuild and remodel Katrina damaged homes in Pascagoula. Canfield says it was not an easy job.

"The first 30 days was really tough."

Team manager Tammy Agard says one hurdle was finding enough people to qualify for the assistance program.

"We had to expand that grid because once we were in, 60 percent of those homes were rental properties. To expand that grid within the 100 days, and find more people was one thing we did not plan on," Agard said.

While some people did not make the cut, there are plenty of success stories like Virginia Russell. Volunteers gave her home a drastic makeover from the damage that five feet of water left.

"It is a Godsend, a Godsend. I couldn't have done this all by myself, the insurance was only paying so much," Russell said.

Next week, Maceo Denis will move out of his cramped FEMA trailer and into a brand new home.

"It feels wonderful. When I get the key in my hand and sleep in it one night, I will believe it," Denis said.

That happiness, project leaders say, encourages them to continue their mission.

"We would have loved to have done it in 100 days, but we will keep doing it until we get it right.  Whether 20 days from now or 30 days, all 100 families will be in their homes."

Project leaders say they are in need of more volunteers to help finish this project. For more information about the project, visit www.100homes100days.com.