Heroic Dog Saves Kids From Poisonous Snake

Jewels Elsworth is credited with saving her family's two children and two of their friends while they were playing near bushes in their front yard. From 50 yards away, Jewels sensed the imminent danger.

"All of a sudden Jewels flies from out of nowhere and just knocks the babies down and they're just crying," Misty Elsworth said.

"Jewels knocked me and Maddie down and Jewels was going to save us," young Ashlyn Elsworth remembers.

The adults were baffled. The always obedient dog ignored all their commands to stop.

"She pushed Ashlyn and Maddie down, yeah, and discovered there was a snake in the bush," Dalton Fayard said.

"She comes out of the plant with what appears to be a stick," Misty said. "It ended up being a snake stuck to her mouth."

"We thought she was gonna die," Dalton said.

While they all panicked, the highly poisonous water moccasin sunk its teeth and venom in for several minutes before Jewels could shake it off. When they got to the Emergency Animal Hospital, she was critical.

"Her neck had swollen so much, by the time I got there I couldn't even put a collar on her. I got there, I was crying hysterically," Misty said. "And that was the last time I saw her, was when they took her back and her blood pressure has started to drop."

The Elsworths barely slept that night praying that Jewels would survive. The next day, their Dad went to the hospital and came home with an answered prayer.

"Jewels jumped out of the car and put us to the ground and started licking us," Dalton said.

"She had hair gone from both sides from having IVs in her all night and she was just on the ground licking the kids," Misty said.

"She's a cool dog," Dalton said.

A cool and fearless dog, who saved a family from what could have been a terrible tragedy.

"She saved us," Dalton said.

"Yeah, she saved me and Maddie," Ashlyn said.

"Oh, it scared me to death cause it could have been a whole lot worse. I mean Jewels was just, like I said, she was our hero. She's amazing," Misty said.

And even after her battle with a cottonmouth and brush with death, they say Jewels Elsworth is vigilant when it comes to protecting her children.

"When she gets out in the yard and I have plants, she literally tip toes around the plants to check them out while the kids are outside playing. It's just, it's amazing. She's a great dog," Misty said.

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