Pass Christian Finalizes Deal For New EOC

Pass Christian Emergency Officials are one step closer to moving into their new home. The city recently purchased land for its new police station and emergency operations center.

"Last Friday, we closed on this property right here that's just short of ten acres," says Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott.

The city purchased 9.2 acres to be exact. It's an investment many say is more than necessary.

"During both Camille and Katrina, our communication systems were wiped out and under water. This is high enough that it won't flood," Assistant Police Chief Tom Ruspoli says.

Harry Husband, a Pass Christian firefighter, says the new EOC will be beneficial to everyone in the city.

"With a storm like Katrina, if we had one of those, at least we would have had a safe area to go to to sleep in, instead of everyone being crammed in our old station with a smaller area where there is 20 or 25 people to sleep in, where there should be only 10 people. Up there we will have a room that's easy to store 25 to 50 people," Husband said.

Now that the sale is final, the city will avoid eminent domain proceedings. That's because the property is one of the few areas that didn't flood during Katrina.

"It's hard to find land in Pass Christian that's outside of the 500 year flood plan," says McDermott.

The property meets FEMA and MEMA standards so emergency officials can look forward to their own safe haven.

Mayor Chipper McDermott says the city is still waiting for the grant monies before they begin construction. However, they expect the building will be complete in about a year and a half.