Biloxi Woman Wants Justice For Dad's Death

A Biloxi woman wants to know why the man she says killed her father, walked around as a free man for months after the accident.

George Harris, 90, was killed by a hit and run driver in early May of last year, on the Popp's Ferry causeway. A day later, police arrested the man they said killed Harris. They found him after receiving an anonymous phone call.

It is what has happened since then that has the victim's family baffled and angry.

"I loved my parents so much, and when my dad died, a part of me died too," Cynthia Harris told WLOX News.

She calls her dad the best man she ever knew. His life ended abruptly and violently, the afternoon of May 3rd of last year. The autopsy report said all of his extremities were crushed when the hit and run driver literally ran over him.

The man charged with hit and run and leaving the scene of a fatality is Richard Leleaux. Mrs. Harris wants Leleaux in jail.

"We citizens have to say, we are tired of people being arrested and bonding out, then continuing to commit crimes," Harris said.

Leleaux spent three weeks in jail in connection with the hit and run case. He was then placed under house arrest by Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain. Since then, he has been arrested five times. All are misdemeanor charges, but all are in direct violation of his house arrest.

Cynthia Harris wants to know who is responsible for letting the man she says killed her dad, walk around a free man.

WLOX News tried to get an answer to that question, but despite phone calls to many of those involved in this case, no one seems to know who is responsible.

One thing has changed, however. Richard Leleaux is back in jail. After our phone calls late last week investigating this story, Judge Fountain called WLOX News and said he had issued an order for Leleaux to be arrested and placed on a $250,000 bond.

There's no word on when Leleaux may actually go on trial. If convicted, he faces a maximum of five years in prison. If he had been arrested at the scene of the hit and run, and also been found to have been legally intoxicated, a conviction could have meant as many as 25 years in jail.